Chalk It Up To “Who Cares?”

Over the weekend, a “big” endorsement was made in the Republican campaign to run for President. 

The lucky recipient for the coveted endorsement from Herman Cain was Newt Gingrich.

And my first thought:  Who cares?  What is so special about Cain that makes it matter who he endorses?

That is the state of our political system. 


2 Responses to Chalk It Up To “Who Cares?”

  1. ryan85 says:

    Concise. I like it. (the brevity, not necessarily the sentiment, although I’m not saying I dislike it, just that I’m not taking a position… is it November yet?)

    • TommyK says:

      Gotcha. If he had accomplished something politically, it would be something newsworthy or notable. Otherwise, it is the same as you or I or some actor or athlete making the endorsement.
      November is a long ways off. Gingrich has vowed to go to the convention and not drop out, and the day after the convention, the nonstop general election coverage starts.

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