Still Supportive

I will start by putting it out there, I am a big fan of Josh Hamilton. I remember him being the number one pick in 1999, and remember how he fell so hard and so fast by his own actions and choices. I also have a ton of respect for him, especially after reading his book Beyond Belief. I love that he was so open about his choices and their consequences, and his daily struggles with staying sober.

I am going to remain a fan of Josh Hamilton in light of the news of his relapse. People by nature are mistake-prone, and athletes are no different. He is in a unique position to teach people about the struggles he has every day. The Texas Rangers are in a unique position in being in a position to stand behind their employee and help him become a better and sober person. Athletes should not be role models, and we should not hold them up as an example of stellar behavior, but we can and should learn from their mistakes.

I will still support Josh Hamilton, and I would urge people that before we scoff at his recovery, we should look at ourselves in the mirror and realize how imperfect we are.


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