Not Adding Up

I am confused. If you know me, you know that happens a lot. But this time I am really confused.

The jobs report for January was released Friday. 243,000 jobs were added in the month and the unemployment rate fell to 8.6%. That is good news given where our economy has been over the last few years. One would or might think that there would be no way to spin such data to make President Obama look bad; one would be wrong.

To hear the Republican candidates talk, President Obama has only made things worse. Speaker of the House Boehner echoed their sentiment.

And that just does not add up. Concrete data is available that shows our economy is recovering, jobs are being added, and unemployment is falling, yet no Republican wants to give President Obama even a shred of credit. Is he solely responsible? Nope. Does he deserve some or a lot of credit? I think so. Is our economy growing at a fast enough rate? No. Is slow progress better than no progress? Yes.

It is time for Republicans to get their heads out of the sand and recognize that some if President Obama’s policies are working. They can both give credit and still keep their distance; the trick is them figuring that out and then actually doing it. Unlikely to happen.


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