Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday has, over the last XLVI years, become somewhat of a de facto holiday in the United States.  Millions of people will watch today’s game between the New York Giants and New England Patriots.  Hopefully, the game will be good and the commercials will not disappoint.

Since 2005, the NFL has basically, with the exception of last year, traveled way back in time for the halftime show.  They have played it safe since the whole Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake wardrobe malfunction.  Following in a long line of performers that debuted when our parents were young, this year the NFL is trotting Madonna out at halftime.  Really?  Has she even been relevant since the 90s?  After six years of performers you hear only on the oldies or classic rock stations, or on your vinyl record player, the NFL had the Black Eyed Peas, Usher, and Slash from Guns ‘n Roses last year, giving in to a younger audience for once.  I mean, seriously, since 2005, the performers have been:  Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Prince with the FAMU Marching 100, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, and The Who.  And now, the Material Girl.  I get that there was some uproar after the wardrobe malfunction, but it is ok to go ahead and have performers that a younger audience would appreciate for once; seriously, more than half the people that would watch the recent batch of halftime shows are either in bed already or refilling their glass of Metamucil and miss the show anyway.

I did, in my research of the recent performers, stumble upon a list of potential candidates for next year’s halftime show.  It included Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and the late, great Frank Sinatra.  That list has since been removed from the site that I found it on, but don’t put it past the NFL to go with one of those three acts.

Enjoy the game!


3 Responses to Super Bowl Sunday

  1. ryan85 says:

    That’s funny stuff right there. “refilling their metamucil” HA!

  2. Lindsey Scott says:

    Hey now! Madonna just released a new song with Nikki Manaj and MIA, who are both geared for a younger audience…But I get your flow.

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