Parading Around

The Giants won the Super Bowl this past Sunday, and today, they will be treated like royalty and paraded through the streets of New York and down the fabled Canyon of Heroes.  Hundreds of thousdands of fans will honor them.  And good for them.  The city and the team are continuing a tradition that has been going on for quite some time.

But one group that both deserves and is worthy of a parade (conceding that the Giants or any sports team dedserves a parade for on-field accomplishment) and has not thus far gotten their recognition is the veterans of the Iraq war.  Yes, hundreds of thousands honored these heroes in St. Louis January 28, as they should have.  But what about in other cities?  Yes, parades are costly.  But is there no expense that should be spared when it comes to honoring the bravery, heroism, and sacrifice of our military?

Mayor Bloomberg of New York has cited advice from the Pentagon as part of the reason for no parade.  Others have argued that it would not be fair to hold a parade for Iraq veterans while we have so many troops in Afghanistan.  To that I would argue that they, too, can have a parade.  There is nothing that says our country cannot honor troops more than once, especially since there has been simultaneous engagements for the last decade.

If Tallahassee or any city close would step up and hold a parade, I would take the day off work and pull my daughter out of school to line the route.

So the next time your city honors a championship team with a parade or rally, ask yourself when the event will be held for the real heroes.


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