What’s the Big Deal

After losing the Super Bowl this past Sunday, Patriots owner Robert Kraft threw an end-of-the year party for his team.  Apparently, star tight end Rob Gronkowski was photographed dancing and having a good time without his shirt on.  And that has caused quite the uproar, judging by the fact that it was still being talked about on the radio this morning.

I was listening to Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio, and co-host Mike Greenberg was firmly on the side of those who think Gronkowski was out of line.  This from a guy who probably cowers in fear when a football is thrown away, and is at his best athletically on the tennis court.  He seems to think that the appropriate behavior would have been for Gronkowski to sulk and not smile until Easter.  On the other side was Mike Golic, NFL veteran and the voice of reason on that show.  He did not see anything wrong with having a good time, and neither did former WR Cris Carter when he called to weigh in.

I am on Golic’s side on this one.  As a fan, I want my teams to do well.  I want the Red Sox to win the World Series, the Steelers to win the Super Bowl, and the Noles to win National Championships in every sport.  But I am also realistic in knowing that sports is not everything.  I want players on my favorite teams to be people first.  I want them to win, but I want them to have perspective and know that there are things bigger than sports.  I don’t care that Gronkowski let off some steam after the game; good for him and the rest of the team for not being on suicide watch for losing.

Cut the guy a break.  He is, after all, human.


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