Please Stop


Whitney Houston died yesterday.  She was 48.  An early death usually comes when someone abuses their body for years with an assortment of drugs.

Judging from different articles I have read and Facebook posts of friends, you would think that she was their favorite artist of all time and a beloved member of the family.  To those people, please stop.

Please stop pretending to be sad, or that her death was tragic.  It was not.  It was the expected result from persistent drug use.

Please stop pretending that you cared that she was alive as recently as Friday, or even yesterday morning.  You probably did not even think twice about her.

Please stop saying that she had a “golden voice.”  It is true that at one time she did, but those days were long behind her about a decade ago.  Everyone will remember her amazing rendition of our National Anthem prior to the Super Bowl in 1991, which may go down as one of the best versions ever.  And yes, she did strike gold starring opposite Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard.

Please stop acting like you actually care that she died.  You don’t.  You just don’t want to be seen as heartless.  Or you want to be seen as someone who is on top of current events.  You did the same thing when Michael Jackson died in 2009.  When it comes down to it, she spent the last years of her life as a washed-up celebrity, and made more headlines for drug use and an abusive marriage than she did for anything she did musically.

Please stop, you are not fooling anybody.


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