Mixed Up Priorities

I heard something on TV this morning that really disturbed me and also showed me how mixed up our priorities have become.

As part of the seemingly never-ending coverage of the death of Whitney Houston, it was reported this morning that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie issued a proclamation this morning.  He has ordered all flags in New Jersey to be lowered to half mast this Saturday for her funeral.  Now, this is well within his powers as governor, but it should not be happening.

The lowering of the flag is usually reserved for a head of state, President, or other prominent figure/politician.  We lower our flags as a nation on Memorial Day, Patriot Day (September 11), Flag Day, and Veteran’s Day.  All wonderful and deserving dates and reasons.

But to lower the flag to remember a deceased singer is ridiculous.  Add to it that her death may have been at least in part caused by years of heavy drug use, and what we have here is something that sends a terrible message.  Especially when the same honor is not afforded, even on a local level, the return of the remains of a fallen soldier or Marine.

Our country, as a whole, has its priorities mixed up.  Drug abusing singers are celebrated more than fallen heroes.  It is time to wake up.


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