Two Weeks or Six Months

What would you do if you were told you had two weeks to live?  What about six months?  What if you were told a family member had that long to live?

Where we error is thinking that does not apply to us.  But are we even guaranteed to make it home tonight?  No, we are not.  Then why do we live like and treat people like we are going to live for another 60 years.

One of my aunts was diagnosed with cancer last year.  Earlier this week, she was told she had six months to live.  Yesterday, her family was told she has two weeks to live.  It sucks for her daughter and my uncle, and it sucks for our family.  In my family, we are what matters to each other.  And we can’t help but to not like feeling powerless to help. 

The truth of the matter is that we all hold on to grudges for too long; we all put off making that call for just another day; we all are too embarrassed to let people hear us to “I love you” to someone.  While I am guilty of the first two, I have no trouble expressing my love for people.

What makes us hold on to grudges or put off that call?  Why do we think we are going to live forever?  We aren’t.  What do we have trouble forgiving?

Starting today, I am going to make an effort to show that I know how blessed I am to have been able to wake up in the morning.  Maybe I will be a better person for it.

Will you live today like there is no tomorrow?

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