Say What?

It’s amazing to me what people will discuss while on their call phone and in a large crowd.  It seems like no topic is off-limits.

Perfect example just now.  As I write this, I am sitting in Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, waiting for my flight to board and listening to this girl loudly discuss whatever she has planned.

What I have gathered so far:
*she is not a “diva” (her word) but can only drink a certain type of beer.
*she is “more responsible” than she used to be, but can’t wait to “get wasted” when she reaches her destination.
*she has quite the colorful vocabulary, and knows several four-letter words.
*she is not afraid to suggestively lick a fork (I think) in a restaurant if she enjoys her meal.

I bet her parents are so proud of her, and she represents them well. 

In general, I refrain from discussing things that are too personal when I am in a crowd of strangers.  I try not to make a point of announcing my intentions to consume alcohol.  Nobody is impressed.


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