Not Good Enough

You may or may not have heard about the uproar over comments made by Rush Limbaugh last week about Georgetown student Sandra Fluke.  Ms. Fluke testified before a Senate committee about her view on contraception (this entry is not intended to step into that argument).  In response to her testimony, Limbaugh called her, and please excuse the vulgarity, a “slut” and proposed that she video her sexual encounters and “post them online” for every to see.

In response to the criticism, Limbaugh apologized.  Sort of.  In his apology her basically turned himself into the victim.  Not good enough.

Yes, Limbaugh has a 1st Amendment right to free speech.  But not hate speech, and I think calling someone that names may qualify as such.  And Ms. Fluke also has a 1st Amendment right to say what she chooses, even on something as divisive as contraception.  If he wanted to debate or debunk her position, he could have certainly done so without name calling and perverse suggestions.  As of this writing, 9 advertisers have pulled their money from his program.  What about those that are left?  Are they ok with woment being called nasty names?

As a husband and father of a little girl, I know what my reaction would have been had those comments been directed at my wife or daughter. 

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