The current state of our political climate has helped to increase the cost to taxpayers.  I’m referring here to presidential candidates receiving Secret Service protection.

As primary contests become more heated, candidates are getting protection earlier and earlier in the process.  Three current potential nominees are now receiving protection.  Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and, as of today, Newt Gingrich are all being protected by the Secret Service.

Honestly, I don’t see any issue with Romney or Santorum having a detail since they are the two most likely candidates to secure the GOP nomination.  My issue is Gingrich having a detail.  He is in a distant third, with no real shot at the nomination.

The cost to taxpayers per day, based off of information I found from 2008 is $45,000 per day per candidate.  So taxpayers are paying that much for a protection detail for someone with no shot at even being the nominee for his party.

That makes no sense, and hardly aligns with less government spending.


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