Wearing It

I posted something on my Facebook account yesterday about watching the Red Sox and Pirates on MLB Network (the NESN feed, of course!).  It generated just a couple of comments, one being that I was a “nerd with a capital N.”  I wear that badge proudly.

Game-wise, Spring Training is just a week old.  And over the last seven days, I have watched all or part of probably 15- 20 games already, thanks to MLB Network.  I really do not care at all that the late innings of the game have pitchers on the mound wearing a wide receiver’s number.  I love watching baseball.

Once the season gets rolling, I will even watch minor league games when they show them.  Baseball, to me, is a thinking man’s game.  It takes patience.  It takes strategy.  You have to think a few moves ahead.  And for as long as I remember, I have always tried to watch games thinking like I was in the dugout.  I will admit that doing so probably takes a little bit of the fun out of watching a game, at least to a casual fan, but I am also no casual fan.  I was able to calculate on base percentage and ERA long before I had mastered almost any other math skill.  To steal a nickname from Keith Olbermann, I am a baseball nerd.

Opening Day is right around the corner.  Sometime between now and then I will most likely post something on here arguing that Opening Day should be a national holiday.


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