Springing Forward

If you are anything like me, you are just a tad out of sorts today.  Less so than yesterday, but still out of sorts.  All thanks to Daylight Saving Time.  It usually takes me a week to get back on track.

The question is: Has Daylight Saving Time lost its usefulness?

I think it has.  From its first modern use in 1916, a lot has changed.  Originally designed to help conserve coal during World War One, it was also very helpful and useful for farmers because it allowed them to work longer hours and get more done.  DST also was designed to help reduce overall electricity consumption.

But here in the 21st century, I think its time has passed.  With the advent of more efficient farming methods and energy sources, the need for an extra hour of daylight is minimal.  Plus, it messes up people and their sleep cycles (try convincing a child that it is time for bed when it is light out at 8:30).

I am curious how other people feel about it.  And please do not call it “Daylight Savings Time,” it is said without the “s” on savings.

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