When a candidate for President of the United States says that he “does not care about the unemployment rate,” what do you think?

How about, “I don’t care about the very poor,” what then?

How about when one tries to bet another $10,000?  Or brags about knowing NFL and NASCAR owners?

What about saying that corporations are “people,” what is meant by that?

What I find strange is that these things can be said and then the candidate is allowed to explain what they “really” meant.  I think what they “really” meant is what they said in the first place, and allowing them to backtrack is like allowing someone to rewrite history in a way.  You cannot unring a bell.

So I believe when someone says they do not care about the very poor or the unemployment rate.  And flaunting wealth with a proposed $10,000 bet really does not do much to establish a connection with most Americans.  And while the NFL and NASCAR are our country’s two largest spectator sports, most fans cheer for a team or driver, and could care less about the owner.

Let’s stop with clarifications.  Say what you mean, and stick by what you say. 


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