Just Can’t Win

For the most part, I enjoy listening to sports talk radio.  At least sometimes.  I’ll listen to Mike and Mike, even though Greenberg aggravates me.  I enjoy Dan Patrick’s show, and Jim Rome’s.  I will also listen to Colin Cowherd.

I bring those up to get to another point.  I was listening to Cowherd’s show today and they broke away to the introductory press conference for Tim Tebow with the Jets.

And even in the few minutes I heard, I came away thinking that Tebow cannot win.  Apparently, he had made it some 20 minutes into the press conference without mentioning his faith and was asked why.  His response, summed up, was that while he will gladly take every opportunity to share his relationship with Jesus, this was about football and the Jets.

So he is open about his faith and gets bashed.  He says nothing and gets bashed.  I am confused.  When won’t he be criticized for his faith, and how he shares/displays it?  What is so wrong with loudly and proudly professing a love for Jesus any chance he gets?


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