Thanks for nothing!

If you’ve read Heartbroken and Disappointed, then you know where I’m going with this…

I’d like to take the time to personally thank Direct TV and Disney for that matter, for gettting my child’s hopes up with all this hype about the new Disney Junior channel, only to crush them. For months, Disney has been advertising the coming of a new 24 hour channel dedicated solely to the 2-7 year old demographic in the form of Disney Junior the Channel. This channel is to replace Soapnet, a channel that is no longer getting the ratings it once did thanks to DVR’s and soaps being cancelled. Oh darn. 

The news about the coming new channel, set to have premiered on March 23, 2012, quite frankly excited me too. I’m not a fan of Nick Jr but it’s the only one with a dedicated channel geared toward young kids. My daughter doesn’t have the luxury of staying home everyday to watch the 4 hour time block that Direct TV so “nicely” said they are still offering on the regular Disney channel. So, in order to let her wind down in the evening when she gets home from school we let her watch 2 shows. Disney only offers tween shows at this time frame so the thought of having Disney Junior available at all times was great. I do not own a DVR or On Demand so do not recommend them. 

All the arguements against the new Disney Junior channel state that they love their soaps and why do we need another “babysitter” tv channel for kids. Listen up, soaps are headed towards the exit door. There are less than a handful left on air that aren’t repeats. And if you want to watch old re-runs of Dynasty or Dallas, too bad so sad. TV shows come and go and there are some shows that I wish were still on air, but time moves forward, not backwards. As for the babysitter thing, my husband and I do not let the television “babysit” our child. She gets to watch 2 shows during the week, and a few more on the weekends. We tend to be more on the go in the mornings so the morning timeslot does not work for us usually. Just because it’s 24 hours doesn’t always mean a kid is going to sit in front of it for 24 hours. It means that every family has different schedules and the option is always there when they need/want it.

So, thanks Direct TV for deciding not to carry Disney Junior the channel. As a loyal customer for the last 7 years, I am making plans to switch to Dish Network, who does plan on carrying the new channel. From what I’ve been reading on other sites, we won’t be the only ones switching.

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