Go. West.

No, I am not encouraging people to move out west (you can if you want).

Has anybody other than me had enough of Congressman Allen West?

Seriously, the guy is beyond out there.  When he was running for Congress in 2010, to represent a district he does not even live in, he claimed to have a higher security clearance than the President.  Ok, sure you do.

Then he berated another member of Congress when that person had the nerve to disagree with his position.  Instead of sticking to the issue, he made is personal.

And there is his most recent claim.  He is now claiming that up to 80 Democrats in Congress are communists.  Seriously?  Is he our modern-day Joe McCarthy?  Is he trying to start another “Red Scare?”

I am all for healthy political debate, but Mr. West does not want debate.  He wants everyone to agree with him; if you do not agree, he makes personal attacks and silly claims. 

Our country is better when people from both sides have adult discussions and try to hammer out solutions.  Being a bully is not the best way to make progress.  No matter what your political views are, or what mine are, we are all better off being civil toward each other and acting like adults.  I bet if you were to check your contact list or think about those people you consider friends, they are not all going to share the same political views as you do.  Mr. West probably would cringe if he had to admit such a thing.

2 Responses to Go. West.

  1. I started singing Toby Keith when I read the title…”Go west young man. Haven’t you been told? California’s full of whiskey, women, and gold.” Thanks, now that song’s in my head.

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