Does He Even Pay Attention?

Or does Bobby Valentine just say whatever nonsense comes into his head.  How can he claim that Kevin Youkilis, of all people, is not “emotionally into” the game?  Is it because Youk has not yet slammed his helmet?

If anybody is emotionally into playing baseball, it is Kevin Youkilis.  Throughout his career, he has often be criticized for being too intense, not intense enough.  Youk leaves it all on the field every game, and is the epitome of what a “dirt dog” is in Boston.

I am going to echo Dustin Pedroia here and say that whatever Bobby Valentine’s motivation was, it works better in Japan than in Boston.  And that stuff does not work on guys like Kevin Youkilis.

Bobby Valentine has a wonderful baseball mind.  He knows more about the game than most people do.  But he is off-base here.  A guy that took a Mets team to the Word Series with Benny Agbayani patrolling the outfield should have a better idea on how to motivate someone like Youk.


4 Responses to Does He Even Pay Attention?

  1. Never being a Bobby Valentine fan he seems to have come down with a case of Ozzie Guillen-itis and as such,needs to have his foot removed from his mouth.
    The last thing I am is a Red Sox fan but I would have loved to have Youk on my team anytime! He IS Charlie Hustle and has a lot of what Paul O’Niell had; an enormous desire to win and frustration when he doesn’t. What better type of player do you want on your team?
    Nice Post!

    • TommyK says:

      Thanks. He does seem to have foot-in-mouth disease on this one. Youk is one of those guys you love on your team and hate when he isn’t. Like an O’Neill was, like Jeter is now. People who are winners and who enjoy playing the game, and play is right. Pedroia is like that, too. And in keeping with the Sox-Yanks theme, so is Nick Swisher.

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