Double Standard

When Hilary Rosen spewed her idiotic remarks criticizing Ann Romney for being a stay-at-home mom, she was blasted from all corners.  Her comments were somehow (wrongly) connected to President Obama, and the President came out and denounced what she said (smart move and the right one).

This week, Ted Nugent, who has already endorsed Mitt Romney, and whose endorsement was hailed as “cool” on Twitter by one of Romney’s sons (@tromney, on March 2), made at least equally as idiotic remarks about President Obama.  Among his remarks were that he would “be dead or in jail if the President is re-elected.”  He also made remarks that put him on the radar of the Secret Service (probably his call to “cut the heads off of Democrats in November.”).

And as of yet, there has been no denouncement from the Romney campaign.  Why the double standard?  A Democratic strategist with no direct ties to President Obama is skewered along with the President, but nothing happens when a Republican-endorsing person attempts to incite violence?  This makes no sense.  Is that where our country is?  Is it ok to incite violence against one party?  I don’t think it is at all.  While I get that Ted Nugent has not been relevant in years, he has openly backed a candidate (Romney) and that candidate should publicly denounce the comments and the person. 

If our politicians cannot be civil, how do they expect the American public to be so?  Luckily, the public, in general, is way more civil than our politicians.

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