That is the only word I can think of to describe Bobby Valentine and his handling of the Red Sox.  The guy is baseball smart beyond belief, but seems to have no clue in the dugout.  He seems confused and out of place.

He starts this week by calling out Kevin Youkilis (here), and that might have been the best part of his week.  There was the questionable managing on Marathon Monday, leaving Daniel Bard in a few batters too long.  Tuesday brought the disaster that was Jon Lester’s start, highlighted by Mark Melancon not recording an out and upping his ERA to 49.50 and being shipped to Pawtucket.

Then today (Saturday), Valentine showed how ill-prepared he is for the pressure-cooker that is managing the Red Sox.  Felix Doubront was stellar through 6 innings, and was taken out with the Sox up 9-1.  My guess is that the dreaded pitch count did him in, since he was at 99 pitches (have I mentioned my disdain for pitch counts?).  But he seemed to still be effective.  But Valentine thought otherwise.  And the bullpen imploded.  We were spared having to watch Nick Swisher’s grand slam thanks to Fox switching over to the White Sox-Mariners game and Phil Humber’s perfect game.

Maybe instead of wasting Spring Training on gimmick infield plays, the Sox should have addressed their pitching issues.  Daniel Bard has been an effective starter through his first two starts, but it is time to move him back to the bullpen.  Bring up Aaron Cook to fill his spot in the rotation.

These first 14 games of the Bobby Valentine era in Boston have left me missing Grady Little.  But hey, at least Valentine looks good in a mustache!


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