No Privacy At All

My dad and I share a name.  And I will bet that we are not the only people in the world that do (we are not even the only people in my immediate family to share a name).  And I will also bet that we are not the only people with coverage from a particular insurance company to share a name.  So you would think that company would have a better idea about how to tell us apart.

They don’t. 

The company called and left a message for my dad yesterday.  Specifically, my insurance agent called.  The first indication that she was not calling the correct number would have been the difference in area code; I have an 850 number, my dad has a 561 number. 

Today, my dad and I each called them back.  I was told by the company that it seemed like they were “combining the files” and then proceeded to verify my contact info.  I informed them, in my own special way, that their method of verifying info is flawed.  I told them they should only contact me using the 850 numbers on file (they have my cell and work numbers).

The most troubling aspect of the whole situation is the breach of my privacy.  They have no right to disclose to anybody, shared name or not, that I even have a policy with them.

If it is that easy to breach my privacy, what other information of mine have they shared?

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