Oh no he didn’t!

You know I have an opinion on all things country music, and with the recent firestorm of events stemmed from an interview with singer Eric Church I surely have something to say. Right, wrong, or otherwise.

Seriously?! This is what you, Eric Church, feel the need to discuss in a Rolling Stone article? Why can’t you just talk about your music, I’m particularly blown away by the Carolina album it’s that good, so why not stick to the subject of you? Instead you lace an interview with profanity and bashing of reality music shows and artists who judge these shows or artists who made their start on one of these shows.

Now I have never watched a single episode of American Idol, The Voice, or any other singing competition show. So I really don’t have an opinion on these shows either way. Some who go through the process will make it(Carrie Underwood), and some won’t(Taylor Hicks). You’ve either got “it” or you don’t. But that’s beside the point of this article, so on to the comments!

Church made comments about Blake Shelton being a reality show judge for The Voice and one of the many remarks he made was this…”If I was concerned about my legacy, there’s no f—ing way I would ever sit there [and be a reality-show judge]. Once your career becomes something other than the music, then that’s what it is. I’ll never make that mistake. I don’t care if I f—ing starve.”

Wait! What? “Once your career becomes something other than the music..” Reba, did he just call you out too? Don’t you mess with Reba, buddy, she’s right there behind George Strait in my book. And wait, he’s well known for his lead role in Pure Country…so can he be included then too? How about Tim McGraw? He’s become known now more for his acting than singing. Words can be taken into any context and it depends on the reader’s view as to how they are interpreted. So be mindful of the things you say. They could come back to bite you.

Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton’s wife, who was a contestant on the show Nashville Star, had this to say via her twitter which I saw this morning causing me to research this whole shebang. Her tweet, “Thanks Eric Church for saying I’m not a real artist. Or @kelly_clarkson, @carrieunderwood & @KeithUrban. Your welcome for the tour in 2010.” That says it all. Ouch!

Of course no story is complete until the “celebrity” who makes remarks and then is criticized for them backtracks. Mr. Church responded to the backlash over his comments by releasing this statement, “I have a lot of respect for what artists like Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, and my friend Miranda Lambert have gone on to accomplish. This piece was never intended to tear down any individual and I apologize to anybody I offended in trying to shed light on this issue.” So the comment about not being a real artist if you ever do one of these shows wasn’t meant to offend anyone? It may be your opinion, Mr. Church, but opinions do hurt and offend people and in my opinion it tore down individuals when you called them out by name. By all means, please tell me what “this issue” is supposed to mean.

The question for me becomes, will I continue to listen to his music. Sure. His opinion is what it is and doesn’t affect how I view him musically. If he, however, messes with George Strait then I can make no promises. Because like Eric Church sings in I Love Your Love the Most, “any song sung by George Strait is country at its best.”

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