First Impressions


It’s only been a week, but I think Bryce Harper has made a good first impression.  Count me as one that is surprised by that, given his track record in the minors (the prolonged admiring of home runs, yelling at a pitcher as he rounded the bases after a home run).  I was among those hoping he got drilled in the ribs the first few times up, just to send a message.

After his recall last Saturday, he has been doing and saying all the right things.  As a matter of fact, it has been quite some time since someone with his level of talent has hustled the way he does; he gets out of the box like his pants are on fire.  In the past week, he has reached on an infield hit that did not leave the grass by first base, and caused a pitcher to make an errant throw, resulting in a two-base error.  Bryce Harper plays the game hard, and he has been playing it the right way in his brief stint in the majors.

And he has a tremendous arm.  Already, runners are being cautious on tagging up or taking an extra base.  Along with Rick Ankiel, the Nationals have two of the strongest-armed outfielders in baseball.

I hope that the first impression that he has made is the way he will continue to carry himself.  If it is, he will be exciting to watch for quite some time, and at age 19, he could have 20 or more years in him.  More players should play with the enthusiasm and fire Harper has shown this past week. 


One Response to First Impressions

  1. ryan85 says:

    I hope he plays great, except when the Braves share the diamond.

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