More Baseball History


Josh Hamilton made baseball history last night.  He went 5-5 with 4 homers, 8 RBI, and 18 total bases (his other hit was a double).

He became the 14th player to hit 4 homers in a game, and first Texas Ranger.  Prior to last night, no Ranger had homered 3 times in a game.  His 18 total bases set an American League record, and were 1 shy on tying the MLB record of 19 set by Shawn Green in 2002 for the Dodgers against the Brewers.  Hamilton now has 14 homers on the season. 

Hamilton’s past is well-known.  He was a #1pick, got caught up in drug use, and did his best to destroy his career, family, and life.  His road to where he is today is well-documented, and I applaud him for his openness.  I am a Josh Hamilton fan.

By crushing 4 homers last night, Hamilton helped to make 2012 the first season in baseball history (dating back to 1869) with a perfect game (Humber) and a 4 homer game.  Amazing.  I guess that makes sense though, since there have only been 21 perfect games and now 14 4 homer games.

A friend of mine asked which was more impressive to me.  I did not have an answer.  Each is impressive.  Both feats need tremendous good fortune during the game in which they were accomplished. 

Which is more impressive to you?

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