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This weekend, our country will celebrate Memorial Day. 

I think a lot of people tend to forget what it means.  It is a day to honor those that have died in combat.  It is more than a three-day weekend.  It is more than an extra day to fire up the BBQ.

Most people will not even take a brief second to remember one of the fallen for their sacrifice.  Most people don’t seem to want to.  But as someone who has seen first-hand what losing a loved one does to a family, I will make sure to take a minute to remember a fallen friend.

I cannot even imagine the pain that those that are left behind feel on a daily basis with their loved one no longer with us.  I do not know what the wife and daughter of my friend Capt. John Tinsley feel everyday, but I imagine they think about him and honor him every day, not just once per year.  Capt. Tinsley had closer friends than me, and I do not know their pain, either.  I do know that those of us fortunate enough to have called Tins a friend were all affected when we heard the news.

This weekend, remember those that have paid the ultimate price fighting for our country.  Our military members volunteer for duty, knowing full well what the outcome may be.  And they should be commended for their strength and courage, a strength and courage that most of us do not have in us. 

Remember the fallen this weekend and every day, and be thankful that they were willing to give their lives for us.  I am.




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