68 Years


I am somewhat of a history guy.  I like learning about events that have shaped our history.  You could say that I really do think that we are doomed to repeat our history if we do not learn from it.

It bothers me how little so many Americans know about significant historical events.  They learn it in school and quickly forget after graduation.  Yes, these same people will stand and honor our country during the National Anthem, and some may be able to tell you the difference in Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.  For the most part, a bulk of our population seemingly do not care or simply cannot be bothered to retain knowledge and apply it appropriately.

68 years ago today, Allied forces launched the D-Day Invasion on the beaches of Normandy, France.  Given the defensive nature of their attack points, these brave men stormed the beaches under a constant barrage of German fire.  Many fell, but the rest pressed on.  The result, as they say, is history.  Normandy was liberated, and the journey to ending World War II was moving forward.  Within 12 months, Allied forces were accepting the surrender of the German and Italian armies, with the Japanese surrendering a few months later.

In liberating Europe, Allied forces began to fully understand the atrocity of the Holocaust when they came across the work camps and death camps.

68 years ago today, June 6 became an important date for both European and American histories.

Most of the “Greatest Generation” is no longer with us.  Those that are will tell you that those who fell on the beaches were the true heroes of June 6, 1944.  But we should honor those who altered the course of history while we still can.

Thank you to those brave men that changed history 68 years ago today.



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