The Truth Is Coming Out

Pretty much every day since January 20, 2009, someone, somewhere has been calling President Obama a socialist.  They will make every attempt to prove their point, and thus far have not done a great job.

That all changed Tuesday, and there is now video proof, and the truth is coming out.

It is well-documented that First Lady Michelle Obama has been on a mission to promote healthy eating.  There is a substantially-sized garden on the grounds of the White House.  And her garden, and approach to gardening, is where the truth about her husband’s socialist ideology is coming out.

This past Tuesday, the First Lady appeared on The Late Show With David Letterman, and presented his nightly Top 10.  Her theme was “Fun Facts About Gardening.”  Number one on her list, and obviously very concerning for the country as our kids become indoctrinated with President Obama’s socialist message was, “With enough effort, you can grow your own Barack-oli.”  As you will notice in the picture below, the health initiative of Mrs. Obama clearly includes growing broccoli that looks like her husband.  That way, our nation’s children, because they are always instructed to eat their broccoli (soon, it will be to eat their Barack-oli), will first have to honor Mr. Obama by pouring melted butter over his broccoli likeness.  What a great way to spread a message (and some butter).

As crazy as my claim sounds, it is no crazier than any other claim about Mr. Obama in the last three and a half years.



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