Happy Father’s Day

If you know me that well, you know I am not much for made-up holidays.  But today is different.  Maybe because it is partially all about me.  Or maybe not.  Either way, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish my dad a Happy Father’s Day.

My dad and I have shared a lot of cool things.  Most of them involve baseball (All-American, right?).  We used to go almost every night to watch the West Palm Beach Expos in the summers when I was growing up.  We didn’t have season tickets, but managed to sit in the same seats every time.  We sat through rain delays and extra inning games.  One time in particular, we sat through an 18-inning game between the Expos and Sarasota Red Sox.  There was never a question about staying or leaving.  The answer was to stay.  The only rule going to games was that, during my current baseball season, I had to watch the player playing whatever position I was playing at the time.  I had to watch to see what he did before, during, after, and between pitches.  I think that helped me a lot in my playing and coaching days.

When the Florida (now Miami) Marlins came into existence in 1993, my dad went in on some season tickets with people from work.  It seems like we went to way more games than we should have if the games had been divided somewhat equally, but you will hear no complaints from me.  Down in old Joe Robbie Stadium, we sat one game under our ponchos and waited out a rain delay in our upper deck seats; when the game started back up, there must have been less than 100 fans in the stands (or what a Marlins or Rays game draws these days).

My dad helped me get my first job, selling programs for our minor league hockey team.  That job led to the best job I have ever had, and that was working for the West Palm Beach Expos, and for the Montreal Expos during Spring Training.  What 15 year old kid would not love the chance to be around baseball non-stop?  I was a bat boy for games, and kept score during the summer for the Gulf Coast League Expos.

I cannot wait for next summer already.  I don’t know if it will be before of after Father’s Day, but my dad and I are planning a weeklong trip to watch as many minor league games as we can squeeze in.  If we have to see a 1pm game in one city and can make it to a 7pm game down the road, you can bet we will do it.  As vacations, go this will be right up there with the best ever.  Amber is even wanting me to plan a second trip that she and Kaitlyn can come on where we go to Chicago and see Wrigley Field and take my dad to Dyersville to see the Field of Dreams site.  I am good with that.

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