.9375.  That is the percentage of guilty verdicts handed down to Jerry Sandusky tonight.  93.75% success in prosecuting a person (I cannot and will not refer to him as a “man”) that did horrible things to young boys.

The monster used his position at Penn State, his standing in the community, and his charity to victimize these boys.  And for it, he will spend the balance of his life in prison.

These verdicts, I assume, do not really offer any sort of closure for the victims.  How could it?  Yes, a sick pedophile cannot physically hurt anybody again, but these victims will have to carry what happened to them for the balance of their lives.

When the grand jury report first came out months ago, I read it.  And I had to fight to not vomit all over my desk.  The details it contained were sickening. 

The jurors in this case did their job.  They took notes during the trial and, it seems, thoughtfully deliberated before reaching these verdicts (about 20 hours worth of deliberations).

.9375, 93.75%.  However you want to look at it, that is a very good success rate.

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