Un-label yourself

“What if we put down our signs, crossed over the lines, and loved like You did?” – Casting Crowns, Jesus Friend of Sinners.

I love lyrics. They are simplistic and short, yet bold and powerful. In nearly every song that I know and love there is always a particular lyric that pulls me out of my “zone”. Songwriters clearly do not make enough money for their talent. You can always fool people into thinking you are a writer just by changing a few simple words into more complex, sophisticated words simply by using the Thesaurus. When the words don’t have to be rhymed, condensed, or flow with a musical beat it’s easier to mask a lack of true talent. It’s impossible to hide your lack of skills with songwriting. I know because I’ve tried.

My whole point in all this nonsense is that the lyric above captured my attention in a way that no other lyric has done recently. I felt it with a passion somewhere in the depths of my soul that cried out “these are the words you’ve been longing to shout from the hills of Montezuma!”

We have become a country so divided, so unwilling to seek common ground and compromise. It’s become a battle of my view versus your view and neither of us are willing to budge, let alone listen to the other. Maybe it’s time we stop ranting and raving about what our opinions are of how we THINK things should be because that’s what we believe and instead cast aside our own ideas and associated groups and cross the boundary into “enemy” territory and really listen and educate ourselves with the opposing view point. Instead we sling the sword of judgment and sit on our comfortable side sipping our delicious kool-aid and come up with excuse after excuse as to why we just don’t have the time to research your side of the story.

Someone please tell me when it became so wrong to be in the center viewpoint? Because now it seems as though you can no longer be middle of the road without someone telling you that being middle of the road just means you have no opinion. Funny, because I admire those people for the most part; they are generally (not always) able to see both sides of the issue and tend to agree with elements of both, they are our compromisers. But compromising is now viewed as “giving in” and seen as a weakness. Think that’s why the divorce rate is so high now?

You’ve now got the people on the left. How dare you be a God hating, tree hugging, global warming exists, Welfare supporter, high taxer, gun control, anti-military, Obamacare supporting liberal! If you fall in this category you may as well stop showering, live in and off nature, and tattoo a peace symbol on your forehead. This has become your label.

If you’re not on the left you must be on the right. You are a Bible preaching, gay hater, gun toting, no taxing, anti-government, middle class hating, healthcare is a privilege not a right, oppressing the poor conservative! You may as well take your Bible and guns and set up your own old western town with border patrol surrounding it. This has become your label.

Perhaps the lyric is right, maybe it’s time to put down our labels, cross the party lines, and love like He did.

Writer’s note: The song Jesus Friend of Sinners by Casting Crowns is an amazing and eye-opening song. I recommend not just hearing it, but truly listening to it.

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