Today, the House of Representatives will hold yet another vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act. It will be the 31st such vote since the ACA became law, and first since the Supreme Court upheld the law last month. The repeal vote will be a symbolic one again with Democrats in control of the Senate, and no chance President Obama would sign it should it reach his desk in the first place.

Whether you are a supporter of the ACA or not, or are somewhere in the middle, a symbolic vote is not what our country needs to move forward. It is another waste of time, and will only serve to fire up the bases of each party, and further galvanize the country. Nice job.

It is often said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. If that is the case, a claim can probably be made that the House of Representatives is insane for voting that many times, knowing full well the result. It’s like jumping out of an airplane knowing your parachute will not open because you are not wearing one.

2 Responses to Symbolic

  1. While I agree with you that it is mostly meaningless, what else can they do? The House is clearly unhappy with the legislation, and their constituents (not to mention general public outcry) are demanding they take action. While it may be fruitless, they are serving their constituents by bringing up another vote. For the record, I think it would be far more meaningful if they followed that vote with a vote on an alternative proposal…just sayin.

    • TommyK says:

      I agree with your point that a vote with a meaningful counterproposal would be a better thing than simply voting just to vote.
      I would contend, admittedly with having done only cursory research as of now, that even the most ardent supporter of the ACA and the most vocal critic could probably sit together and come to an agreement that works for the country, not one party or the other. I think it would be fair to say that there are both good and bad aspects of the ACA. Others may disagree and think it is all good or all bad, and that is fine, too.
      In the end, to do nothing is not the answer. To vote to repeal just to score political points is wrong. Our country is better than that, and if those that represent us do not represent that fact, they should all voluntarily resign and allow us to elect people who have not yet become jaded and lost that vision.

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