In Full Swing

I don’t know about you, but I love the Olympics.  I don’t necessarily care to sit through something as choreographed as the Opening Ceremony, but I will watch almost any event that is on.

We have “Olympic Fever” in our house for sure.  Somehow, watching the Olympics has taken over watching baseball on TV in our house, and that is something that almost never happens.

I really enjoy watching the swimming events, and I also cannot wait until track & field takes center stage.  I have no problem watching gymnastics, as long as it is women’s gymnastics; nothing against the strength and ability of the men, but it is weird to me to watch a man perform the floor exercise.

For their part, Amber and Kaitlyn are also all about watching the Olympics on TV.  Kaitlyn, however, is more selective about what she watches.  Just the other night, as the male swimmers were coming out for a final, Kaitlyn said she really had no interest in watching the men swim, only the ladies.  Fair enough.  She is also very worried that she might miss the women’s gymnastics events, and that would be a bad thing.

No matter what, if there is an American in the event, I am rooting for the American.  I really do not even care if said American went to UF (Lochte), when they represent our country at the Olympics, they have my support.

Because of a recent job change, there is a little more flexibility in what can be shown on the lobby TV where I work.  Instead of watching the same news on repeat all day, we have had the Olympics on.  And yes, I have caught a glimpse of some coverage when I am not working on this report, or calling a customer.  The coverage during the day is pretty exhaustive; I have seen soccer, shooting, field hockey, water polo, and handball at various times during the day.

Overall, my favorite part of watching the Olympics is the joy the athletes show on the medal stand.  I enjoy our athletes singing along with the Star Spangled Banner when it is played.  And if you have not had a chance to see swimmer Missy Franklin and the pure enthusiasm she has for swimming and the Olympic expericence, you are missing out.

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