About Time

Florida State punt returner/cornerback Greg Reid was kicked off the team today by head coach Jimbo Fisher following his arrest in Valdosta last week (driving with a suspended lisence, etc.).  And it’s about time.  Thank you Coach Fisher.

Greg Reid is loaded with talent, but sadly, is not loaded with common sense.  He should have been kicked off the team after his last arrest, the scooter incident last seson.  But no, he was given a second chance, and basically spit in Coach Fisher’s face.  Maybe some D-III (or whatever it is called these days) school will take a flier on Reid this year, but I doubt it.  He threw away a chance to be part of something special this year for the Seminoles, and he has only himself to blame.

I am happy that Coach Fisher kicked him off the team.  Discipline above all else.  Plus, the Noles will be just fine in both the return game and in the defensive backfield.  Rashad Green is a capable replacement at returner, and there is a bevy of talent that can be sporadically good at coverage on defense.

Kicking Greg Reid off the team may actually improve the team.  The whole “addition by subtraction” concept at work.

Nice move by Coach Fisher, and a good move for Seminole football.



2 Responses to About Time

  1. ryan85 says:

    Not to condone Greg’s latest actions, but the scooter incident was much ado about nothing, hence the charges being dropped. He made plenty of other poor choices, but the scooter incident wasn’t on him. The word around the campfire is he failed a drug test, since the arrest in Valdosta. It’s a shame. But you’re right, he will tranfer down, still get drafted, and might or might not ever learn. Time will tell. His dismissal opens the door for Karlos Williams even more than Greene. Watch out!

    • TommyK says:

      True, the scooter incident turned out to be nothing, but it did highlight that trouble seems to find him. It is sad because he has loads of talent. What I don’t like is that so many people will now view him as representative of the culture of the program, when we both know otherwise; the program is filled with amazing young men, but amazing young men who do the right things do not generate headlines.
      It will be a scary season for everyone else if the Noles play to their potential this season.

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