Not If But When

I just love the political climate these days.  Seriously.  It’s not childish at all.

I like to read the comment sections on articles I read online, just to get a feeling of the climate of the country.  And to get a laugh.  Invariably, people on both sides will be out in full force with party-line rhetoric.  You know the stuff, like the President is a “foreign-born socialist” or Romney “hates poor people.”  Nobody seems to care that the President has a birth certificate from Hawaii or that his policies are not really socialist in nature (I read the definition of socialism and really will have to stretch to see any connection, but I am sure some conservative will tell me otherwise), just like nobody really cares that Romney most likely does not hate poor people.  It is too easy to believe actual facts instead of some talking point or nasty rhetoric.

One of the comments stopped me dead in my tracks today, only because of the nature of the comment, but because of the sad reality that the campaign will probably get to this level at some point (hence the title of this entry).  In short, the commenter used a layer of sarcasm to describe how many conservatives view President Obama, and how there are repeated calls for a “real” birth certificate (one has been produced, but if you yell a lie loud enough for long enough, people will continue with it like the “birthers” have) and for his college transcripts.  What is next, will President Obama have to produce his artwork from grade school to prove he colored inside the lines?  We all know that only a socialist child that was born outside of our borders colors outside the lines.  A real American child can color inside the lines from the very first time they pick up a Crayon.

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