Come On Already

If the political climate were not silly enough already, Megadeath lead singer Dave Mustaine decided to add his two cents to the argument.

Mustaine recently told a crowd in Singapore that President Obama is behind the recent mass shootings in Colorado and in Wisconsin.  He claims that Obama is behind them to be able to pass tighter gun restrictions.  I am going to call BS here on that.

Let’s get serious already.  Saying Obama is behind the shootings is equally as idiotic as saying that Bush somehow was behind 9/11.  Both are ridiculous claims.  The fact that some people actually believe those types of things tells me a lot about their mental capacity.  Yes, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, I get that, but don’t sit there and spout idiotic charges just because you do not like someone.  We are better than that, at least some (I would say most, but that is a stretch) of us are.

What’s next, Mr. Mustaine, was President Rooselvelt behind the Japanese attach on Pearl Harbor?

It’s time to take off the tin foil hats and use a little common sense.


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