It’s Always Something

I don’t know how many times I have written it or said it, but baseball is an amazing game.  You truly do not know what you are going to see on a nightly basis, and you never know when you will see something that is a rarity.

No, it was not as rare as a perfect game, and also not as impressive, but Red Sox Clay Buchholz did something last night that had only been done 46 times in MLB history.

In the 6th inning against the Orioles, Buchholz struck out the side.  In order.  On 9 pitches.  That is pretty impressive.

Consider this, and this is a bare minimum figure:  over a 162 game schedule, each team will (or should, not taking into account rain outs and extra inning games) send a pitcher to the mound for at least 1377 innings.  How did I get to that number?  81 home games where they will take the mound 9 times is 729 innings at home; 81 home games where 8 innings are guaranteed comes to 648 innings.  Then you figure there are 30 teams, and we are looking at 41,310 innings at a minimum each season.  And last night was the 47th inning in the history of the game to have a pitcher strike out the side in order on 9 pitches.  Impressive.

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