Time Will Tell

The Red Sox raised the white flag over the weekend, trading Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, and Nick Punto to the Dodgers for a host of prospects.  Time will tell if the Red Sox did the right thing.

From a money perspective, shedding $260 million from the payroll over the next half dozen years is a smart thing.  Gonzalez, Beckett, and Crawford were over a combined $50 million in each of the next two seasons, until Beckett became a free agent after the 2014 season.

There are high hopes for the prospects coming over from the Dodgers, especially Rubby De La Rosa.  I heard on the radio this morning that they porject him to be in the rotation next year, and he is already getting hyped as “The Next Pedro,” in reference to Pedro Martinez.  And that is the trouble when it comes to prospects, all anybody can do is hope, dream, and project.  Nothing is guaranteed.

I am really not going to miss Adrian Gonzalez.  Yes, he is an amazing first baseman, and can hit like a machine.  But I am happy he is gone; I no longer have to see him jog down the baseline like he does not care at all.  90 feet is not a long way to run, and it would not kill him to give some effort once in a while.

Carl Crawford will most likely rebound and have a lot of success in Los Angeles.  His time in Boston was a disappointment, but there were signs in the 30 or so games he played this year that he put his disappointing 2011 season behind him and was going to excel.

I think the change of scenery will do Josh Beckett some good.  Right or wrong, he took the heat for the collapse last September, and did not do himself any favors this year by struggling and being short with the media.  Let’s not forget, however, that in 2011, he went 13-7 with a 2.89 ERA with a WHIP just north of 1.00.  Yes, 2012 has been miserable for him, and he has deserved some of the criticism he took, but did not deserve to be booed off the mound when he left with an injury.  I sincerely hope that Josh Beckett comes to life with the Dodgers.

The 2012 season, as pathetic as it has been for the Red Sox is just about over.  The trade all but assured that some young guys will get a shot at proving themselves over the next 4-5 weeks.  How GM Ben Cherington shapes the roster moving forward will be interesting.  There are some huge holes that need to be filled, beyond replacing the three key players dealt over the weekend.  A nice start will be signing Cody Ross to an extension, and locking up David Ortiz so he can retire a Red Sox.  Whether it be via free agency or trades (I would see what I could get for Ellsbury if I were Cherington.  He will most likely leave as a free agent after next year anyway.), the Red Sox will need to make a splash this offseason, to at least show fans that there is a serious effort being made to bring the franchise out of the cellar (technically not in last place…yet.).  2013 does not have to be the “bridge” year that so many are already saying it will be; when you have the financial flexibility to improve your club the way they do now, there is no excuse to throw away next year while waiting for some of the prospects to take over.  What they need to make sure they do in shaping the roster for next year and beyond, is bring back the “dirt dogs” approach that was around when Trot Nixon, Jason Varitek, Kevin Millar, etc. were on the club.


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