And This Is News?

I know I have written it here before, but I will put it out there again:  not many people will confuse me for the most ardent Mitt Romney supporter.  There is plenty about him that rubs me wrong.

That being said, I think that sometimes the media can go just a tad overboard with what they consider a “newsworthy story.”  Take this piece of hard-hitting news today:

“Author says Mitt Romney owes her $25,000 for jumping bail,” is an actual headline (source) today.

I will admit that I was interested when I saw that headline pop up.  Logic told me that Mitt Romney never really jumped bail on anything, but curiosity won out, so I read the article, just to be sure.  I mean, you never know, maybe he did jump bail and thought that he was above the law of paying bail.

As it turns out, some crazy author is claiming Romney owes her money from when his great-grandfather jumped bail, landing her great-grandfather in prison for 6 months.  And this is news how?  And this says what about Mitt Romney?  How exactly did she reach the conclusion that he was on the hook for a 130 year old bail debt?

I think the media is better served reporting real news, and that we have to take what they report with the proverbial grain of salt sometimes.  If you are one that gets your news from a single source, I feel for you and will pray for you.  Be your own person and draw your own conclusions, don’t just rely on what you hear on Fox News or another channel.  Of course, you have that right as an American to be spoon-fed information, but doesn’t that say a lot about your character?  Being single-sourced just shows that you are basically unwilling to think for yourself, and reciting verbatim what you hear or read from your single source is easily recognized by those of us who actually think for ourselves.

Anyway, back to this whole Romney bail thing.  This author needs to get a life.  Mitt Romney does not owe her a penny.  And while this claim is obviously ridiculous, it is still less ridiculous than all of those clamoring for President Obama’s birth certificate; news flash for you, he was born in Hawaii, and last I checked, Hawaii was and is a state.



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