Own It

Over the past few days, I have done something that I generally do not do, and that is engage people in political dialogue.  My reasoning for making this a rare occurrence is that I have found that, in general, when I do not agree with someone, they tend to yell and scream and attack me personally as if I am not allowed to have my own opinion.  I guess so as long as I agree with them, we are fine.  I have even had “friends” desert me because of my opposing view, but I think that says more about them than it does me.

Anyway, the first event came about when my brother posted a political picture on his Facebook profile, and I commented.  One of his friends commented, and I decided to engage.  Everything seemed to be fine, even though this person and I were not on the same side of the debate, and we actually left the debate in an amicable manner.  Other people got involved as well, but everything was respectful.  Then yesterday, this person’s sister became involved in the discussion.  Again, I was respectful, and so was she.  As I checked later in the day for a response to something I put, I noticed that all the comments from the sisters had been removed; my brother told me that they did not want them on there anymore.

The other event happened when a friend of mine, who I have known for years, posted a picture on his Facebook profile.  I made a comment on his picture, just trying to get clarification, and he responded, respectfully.  We had quite the little discussion, and kept everything respectful the whole time.  He even took the time to send me a direct message to make sure that I was not offended, and I assured him that I was not.

Two similar situations, two way different results.  One person, my friend, owned his beliefs and views.  Another person (people) chose not to own their beliefs and views, and ran away.  I am all for debating people who do not share my same views, and I think if all parties are respectful, it will be constructive, even though it is unlikely anybody will change their minds.  In my examples, everybody was respectful, but some people just could not handle an opposing view.  Right or wrong, truth or fiction, opinion or otherwise, we all need to own what we believe, and respect when people disagree; what people see as truth or fact is always seen through the lens of their experiences, and to discount them as meaningless shows a lot about the discounter, not the person being discounted.



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