Grammatically Incorrect

My friend Ryan writes a blog, Discovering Writing, where, among other things, he points out grammatical errors in writing.  It really is a good site, and one worth checking out.  What I am writing about here is really nothing like what he writes about, but something that just tends to rub me the wrong way.

I have written on here before about how I tend to try to be respectful of the political views of others, and request only that others respect mine.  I have written about how people should own their views and not run and hide when they come up short in a debate.  Those ideas still hold true for me.

Something that really just rubs me the wrong way is the nature of the comments on articles that I read online.  While it would be nice if people were more respectful toward their fellow commenters, I have sadly resigned myself to the fact that people will resort to personal attacks and name calling to try to give the impression they are superior.  Such is life.  A sad life for people, but life nonetheless.  Back to my original intent today.  If someone is going to take the time to comment, how difficult would it be to check for errors before hitting “submit?”  I mean, seriously, it is not the tough to proofread.  Take this comment on an article regarding the changes to the voting laws in Florida, emphasis is mine (appears on WCTV‘s website):

The unchecked illegal immigration that is not address by the strong central federal government. The strong central federal government then stimie anyone elses efforts to control the illegal immigration.

Now, did this commenter mean that the illegal immigration is not done at the address of the strong central government?  Or did they mean that illegal immigration is not addressed by the strong central government?  No indication is given.  And I know that “stymie” can be a difficult word to spell, and my suggestion would be that if you are having trouble sounding a word out, type it into a word processor or Google for a correct spelling.  The spelling and grammar check on this site freaked out when it got to that person’s comment when I typed it.

Maybe I am just being picky.  Probably so.  But I really think that if you are going to go on whatever news site you visit, and you are going to comment on the articles, and you are going to engage in a debate (possibly) with others, you may want to at least try to represent yourself as being somewhat intelligent.  It does not take being a member of Mensa to use correct grammar and syntax, and to be able to spell correctly.  By all means, I would encourage people to add to the debate, but you add nothing by appearing ignorant in your comments because you are too lazy to spell correctly or use grammar the way you were taught in middle school and high school.

I am glad that is off my chest.  For more writing tips, check out Ryan’s stuff.  It is good, I promise.


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