I Have A Good Idea…

…but I won’t support it.

Makes no sense, right?  And such thinking might just be why the approval rating for Congress hovers at 13.3% (which is probably generous).

Four Republican Senators, John Boozman (Arkansas), Mike Johanns (Nebraska), Richard Burr (North Carolina), and Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania) helped to write the Veterans Job Corp Act (S.3457), and promptly voted against it.  Read that again.  They helped to write the bill, then voted against it.  How’s that now?

The Veterans Job Corp Act would have provided funding to help veterans find a job when they finished with their deployments or retired from service.  You know, veterans, the fine men and women who proudly serve our country?  The ones that have been in one war or another for a decade?  Sound familiar?  It does to me.  And the fact that our Congress cannot even find a way to help these fine people find employment when they come home is absurd.  About 2% (2,915,362) of the 145,212,012 aged 18-49 and thus considered available for service actually serve.  2%.  That’s all.  The number is even lower when the entire population of our country, 314,415,386, is considered.  That number comes out to less than 1%.  No matter how you slice it, only a small part of our population volunteer to serve in the military.  Less than 2% of the population serves, and our Congress cannot see fit to provide assistance to them.  They are quick to send these people to Iraq or Afghanistan to potentially be killed, and are quick to turn their backs on them when they come home.  It makes me sick, and I just about threw up on my keyboard even writing that.

Five Senate Republicans, Scott Brown (Massachusetts), Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe (Maine), Dean Heller (Nevada), and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) joined every Democrat in voting for this legislation.  And because it did not reach that magical number of 60, it did not pass.  The bill was defeated 58-40.  There was a time, not too long ago, when I learned, in my high school American Government class, that it took a simple majority (51 votes) for something to pass the Senate.  While that still is the case in theory, nothing passes without 60 votes.  The filibuster has been used in record numbers over the past few years.  I wonder if that might contribute to a 13% approval rating.

I know what yesterday’s action (or inaction) by the Senate tells me about support of the military.  Draw your own conclusions and vote how you feel led in November.  Our service personnel are not pawns in some sick political game; they are heroes, every one of them, and deserve to be treated as such.


2 Responses to I Have A Good Idea…

  1. Maybe it’s an artist thing? You know how most artists/writers hate their own work?

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