Green On Blue

I was just reading an article about a “green on blue” attack that claimed the lives of two American soldiers August 27.  I read it, and I questioned just what it is we are still doing in Afghanistan.

A “green on blue” attack is one where members of the Afghanistan military that our troops are training, turn their weapons on their trainers.  Nice.  Build trust and then break it.  The article noted that these types of attacks are responsible for at least one in five deaths of our troops now.  I wondered again why we are still there.

It is clear that our presence is not wanted in the region.  They have no desire for us to build a democracy for them.  For the most part, Afghanistan is still operating under 7th century ways of doing things.  I had a discussion with a friend of mine who had been deployed to Iraq multiple times, and he compared the current situation to post-WWII Germany and Japan.  His point was that we helped rebuild those countries following their surrender.  My point to him was that they actually surrendered, and had a vested interest in helping us rebuild their countries; they were a willing partner in the rebuild.  Our remaining forces in Germany and Japan were also not subjected to daily insider attacks, roadside bombs, and suicide bombers.  To compare then to now is not fair given the entirely different circumstances surrounding the war, surrender, and subsequent occupation/rebuilding.

There was one part of the article that I found myself saying “good!” and that was this bit of information from the brother of the terrorist who killed our soldiers:

Khan’s older brother said the body was so riddled with bullets that it was unrecognizable.

If anything, I would say the coward’s family was fortunate that there was a body to recover, but I commend the helicopter crew that took this guy out with ensuring that he would have more than a mere flesh wound.

I don’t know or claim to know the right time or way to exit Afghanistan.  I know that reading about another service member being killed by an insider makes me mad every time.  I know that stories such as the one in the article are lost in the next news cycle.  I know that our troops are forgotten about shortly after they return.  I know that our men and women in uniform deserve better.

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