Irony can be a funny thing sometimes.  Like when I stumble on an article with the title “RNC cuts ties with firm over voter fraud allegations.”

Now, why would I find irony in that headline?

The irony comes from the fact that Republicans and the RNC have long railed against voter fraud.  There have been numerous times where claims have been leveled at Democrats and groups focused on registering Democratic voters.  Their usual target is ACORN (the group was cleared following a Congressional investigation), charges have also been other groups as well.

The article states that in Palm Beach County (why Florida always has to be the center of voter issues is beyond me), 106 of the 304 (35%) voter registration forms recently dropped  off showed signs of irregularities.  The firm, Strategic Allied Consulting is also registering “voters” in Nevada, North Carolina, Colorado, and Virginia.  Irregularities such as dead people signing up to vote, addresses that correspond with businesses, and many with similarities in signature.  It makes one wonder how many more are fraudulent.

It is amazing that in a representative democracy such as ours, so many people are willing to cheat and commit fraud to achieve political victory for a particular party.  What message are we sending to the rest of the world, especially to those countries where we are promoting the awesomeness of a democracy?  How can we spread democracy around the world when we have so many here that are so willing to undermine the very foundation of our democracy?

Regardless of the party that benefits, these types of acts are reprehensible, and those who perpetuate such acts should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, up to and including revocation of their right to vote.  That might sound harsh, but I believe that if you knowingly commit voter fraud, and submitting registration forms with a business address or in the name of a dead person is a clear indication of intent, you should be stripped of your right to participate in our representative democracy.  It is bad enough that super PACs buy elections, and some candidates think corporations are people (they are not, Mr. Romney), but adding deliberate voter fraud to the mix is ridiculous.  More and more our representative democracy is no longer representing the average American; no, those represented are the ones who buy the election.  Sickening.


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