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Tomorrow morning, I will wake up, and for the last time in 2012, watch highlights from a game in the nightmare that has been the 2012 season the Red Sox.  Going into the finale, they have 92 losses.  Outstanding.  2012 has been a year marked by in-fighting, backstabbing, and underperforming, coupled with injuries and atrocious pitching.  Sox fans saw over $250 million in contracts shipped to the Dodgers, and the losses kept piling up.

Hiring Bobby Valentine to manage was a bad idea.  He has seemed like he either has not cared all season or just did not have a clue.  A random fan pulled from the stands at Fenway probably could have done a better job.  His ego helped to ship Kevin Youkilis out-of-town.  Great job.

One thing I know for sure, even before tonight’s lineup is posted, is that Dustin Pedroia will be playing.  Even with a broken ring finger on his left hand, he will be in the lineup.  Pedroia is the epitome of what the Red Sox used to be, back in the days of Trot Nixon and Jason Varitek that continued with guys like Bill Mueller and Kevin Millar.  Pedroia is a Dirt Dog.  He rarely, if ever, finishes a game with a clean uniform.  When you see him play, you know he cares, and that he is having a blast.

Cody Ross will be in the lineup tonight as well.  He has also been one of the few bright spots for the Sox this season.  I was excited when the signed him, and I hope they bring him back next year.  No, he is not the most talented player on the planet, but he plays hard and gives his all every time out, which cannot be said for a majority of the Red Sox (and of a majority of MLB players).  Of course, he may be looking for more money than the Sox are willing to pay him, and it is easy for me to spend their money, but it seems like a no-brainer to bring him back.  The fans love him, and I am sure his teammates do as well.  But again, the Sox did free up a ton of money by shipping off Gonzalez, Beckett, and Crawford, so it is not like there is a budget ceiling they are even close to right now.  In my perfect scenario, the Sox bring Ross back, and sign Nick Swisher, giving them three guys (including Pedroia), that fans know will not sit out multiple games with minor aches and pains.

The Sox also need to address their pitching situation this offseason.  One can only hope that Jon Lester is better next year than he was this year, and that Clay Buchholz does not get off to another bad start (he was solid for a vast majority of the season).  Maybe Lackey will bounce back and be really good next year.  But other than that, they are not exactly drowning in MLB-ready pitchers, so they will have to scour the free agent market or trade for a solid starter.  The bullpen needs some work, but there have been some bright spots (Tazawa).

No matter what, the nightmare ends tonight.

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