Just Wondering, Again…

Sometimes, I just cannot help myself, so I starting wondering about stuff again.  For the second time this week.  A new record!  So, I was just wondering:

*If the stock market is an indicator of how strong or weak our economy is, and people want to know if we are better off now than four years ago, what do the numbers say?
I am so glad you asked.  On January 20, 2009, the day Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States, the market closed at 7,949.09, having lost 332.13 points that day.  And because I tend to be a straight-line thinker when it comes to comparing numbers, I figured a good apples-to-apples comparison would be to look at what the market closed at yesterday.  On October 4, 2012, the market closed at 13,494.61.  Unless I am missing something, yesterday’s number is more than the number that represents January 20, 2009; in fact, it is 5,545.52 more, or close to 70% higher.

*But then I thought that people would say that “no, the market is not the only indicator of the strength or weakness of our economy,” and that I should consider the unemployment rate.
Fair enough.  The rate for January 2009 was 7.6% and rising.  Not good.  The latest numbers were just released today for September 2012, and the number is at 7.8% and falling.  Instead of shedding jobs, jobs are being added.  Slowly, and not at a large enough clip, but being added nonetheless.

*For all the talk about gay marriage tearing apart traditional families, should I be concerned that my family is going to be torn apart any day now?
Here is why I wonder that.  We watch MSNBC quite frequently in our house (more so than we watch CNN, which we do watch), and for the longest time thought that one of their anchors, Thomas Roberts, did a pretty good job at reporting news items.  And since we like Thomas Roberts, and he is a married gay man, does that mean that our family is torn apart or is tearing apart?  I don’t think it does.  Since I do not have many gay friends, and the ones I do have are not married, that is pretty much my only frame of reference.  Now, before I get all kinds of comments or lessons on the Biblical nature of marriage, I want to point something out: those who do not identify themselves as Christians are allowed, by law, to get married.  People are frequently married at their local city hall, and they are legally married.  I officiated a wedding in August, and the couple is legally married, even though I am not authorized by any church to marry people; I am only bound by the laws of Florida, which allow me, as a notary, to conduct a marriage ceremony.  Maybe this will be a simple approach that I am taking, but I will try to make it easy to follow:  if we are to define marriage as the Biblical definition (one man, one woman), are all marriages not performed either in a church or by a pastor or priest who has been ordained and has studied at a seminary or likewise received formal religious training, shouldn’t those performed by a mere notary then be deemed invalid?  If our country really does believe in the First Amendment, and that we will have no nationally established religion, what about those who do not practice religion?  Are they now unable to be married?  If so, does that not violate the First Amendment and thus establish a religious test to enter into what amounts to a legal contract?  Personally, I really do not care if gay people want to get married, and I know my view will rub some of my friends the wrong way, but I own it.  The fact that Thomas Roberts, or any other gay person gets married, has little to no impact on me or my family, so why should I care?  I really do not see myself as fit to judge another person, and I will not judge gay people for getting married; I will leave judgement to God, for He is more qualified than me to judge other people.  I am not going to focus on trying to change everyone else.  Nope, I am going to focus on being the best person that I can be, and, together with my wife, help shape our daughter into being the best person that she can be.

*Beginning the past January, we had a pretty mild winter, and I was convinced the summer would be brutal.  It turns out that while it was hot, it was not as bad as I expected.  What does that mean?
Does that mean that since our summer was wet, and not has hot as expected, that our upcoming winter will be colder than the last one?  I hope it is.  I am not a fan of the heat, and really like when it is cold outside; it’s not like we can use our pool right now anyway, not with a water temperature around 72 degrees.  No thanks.

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