Wondering Again

So it seems that I just cannot help myself.  I guess maybe there is just too much material out there.  Welcome to another edition of things that I have been wondering about.  If you are wondering what I have wondered about it the past, click here or here.

*Now that Lindsay Lohan has endorsed Mitt Romney, does that change your vote?  Does it even matter to you what celebrity endorses which candidate?
Whether it is Lindsay Lohan or someone else, I really do not care who actors and musicians support in any election.  That is their personal choice, and has no bearing on who I vote for.  If you are influenced by who some famous person says they support, maybe you should think long and hard about voting at all.  Try something new…try thinking for yourself.  If you are too lazy to educate yourself about the candidates, don’t let the artist you just saw in concert make the decision for you.  Be better than that.

*Speaking of celebrities, why do people get so bent out of shape when they screw up?
For example, it came out a few weeks ago that country singer Jason Aldean had cheated on his wife.  How exactly does that impact your life or my life?  Because I listen to his music, does that mean I am going to cheat on my wife?  Hardly.  His mistake is an issue between him and his family, and has no bearing on whether or not I will continue to listen to his music (hint: I will keep listening to his music).  My morals and values are not so easily influenced by musicians and actors (see above) that I will follow their lead in every aspect of my life.

*How come when Mitt Romney went into attack mode against President Obama in their first debate, people applauded him, but when Vice President Biden does the same in his debate with Paul Ryan, people think he was being “mean” or out of line?
Folks, you cannot have it both ways.  Romney won the first debate with Obama, and was aggressive in doing so.  Biden won the debate with Ryan, and was aggressive in doing so.  People are up in arms about Biden for some reason, and I do not get it.  It probably boils down to there is nothing he can really ever do to please people.  People expect Mr. Biden to stumble all over himself all the time, and have some slip of the tongue that will make for a good sound bite, and they seem put off that he actually knows his stuff.


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