Which Is It?

Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” remark at the debate the other night has spawned a lot of funny “memes,” and a lot of jokes as well.  While I doubt he intended for the remark to come across the way it did, it is out there and he has to own what he said.

But I have a bigger question about the remark, and its actual context.  A point that Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski tried to make several times this morning while being interrupted by host Joe Scarborough and dismissed by panelist Mark Halperin.  The point being that Governor Romney did not “seek out” the names of qualified women (binder or no binder), he had to be approached with the names of qualified women (as did his opponent in that race).  Big difference.

It should be easy for Mr. Romney to come clean about this issue and move on, but he won’t.  He will stick by his story, even though the facts do not support his claim.  I guess that is part and parcel in politics in general.  Sad, really.  Just own up to the facts, Mr. Romney, just this once.  You did not seek to find any qualified women to serve in your administration, you were handed a list of qualified women and basically had to make a choice.




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