Because It Matters…

…to some people, apparently.

I almost didn’t click on the headline, even though it was alongside a picture of Anne Hathaway, but I just could not help myself.  The headline dealt with celebrities, and who they are endorsing for President.  Because an informed voter who is on the fence looks to actors and musicians as justification on who they vote for.  If you are one of those people, please spend some time over the next two weeks or so to educate yourself about the candidates, and do not rely on your favorite musician to tell you who to vote for.

So from the story I linked to above, here you have it, the choice for President of the United States, as made by famous people (or at least by people deemed “famous” enough to be included in the list).

For Mitt Romney:  Kid Rock, Lindsay Lohan, Kelsey Grammer, Jeff Foxworthy, Jenna Jameson, Gene Simmons, Dennis Miller, Clint Eastwood, Donald Trump, and Ted Nugent.

For President Obama:  Scarlett Johannson, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Eva Longoria, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jon Bon Jovi, Honey Boo Boo (I have no idea who this is), Anne Hathaway, Bruce Springsteen, Jessica Alba, and George Clooney.

Mr. Romney is backed by an interesting mix of people who you would not usually put together in the same sentence or same room.  He should be proud to have Kid Rock’s endorsement, and maybe the “singer” can show up at a rally wearing the American flag as a cape, because nothing says how much you love our country than wearing our flag as a cape or poncho.  Lindsay Lohan is a pillar of society, and Jenna Jameson made her fortune in “film.”  Maybe Jeff Foxworthy can help Romney loosen up a little.

Other than that Honey Boo Boo person, the people who back Mr. Obama should not really come as a surprise to anybody.  It is not a secret that many in Hollywood tend to back Democrats, and 2012 is no different.  Besides, what is more American than being backed by “The Boss?”

No matter who you vote for on Election Day, I sincerely hope that you do so based off of educating yourself about each candidate and what they stand for.  And, by the same token, you would be well-served to not hold the political leanings of a comedian, musician, or actor against them.  Last time I checked, Jeff Foxworthy is funny and Springsteen makes good music, and who they back in the election makes no difference to me.


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