They Have Rights?

This is not something I enjoy writing about, and frankly, I was hoping to not have to write about it anymore after being attacked so fiercely for asking a question on another blog a while back.  Because of my question, I was basically called a “baby murderer” by someone who proved themselves both ignorant and intolerant for not being able to differentiate the definition of certain words.  But this is not about that.

This is more about one specific aspect of my original question, and that is the pregnancy that can result from a rape.  According to the CDC, rape results in about 32,000 pregnancies each year (source).  Add in the emotional stress, the fear, the anxiety, and anger that goes along with the attack, not allowing the victim to have the choice to terminate said pregnancy is barbaric and almost has sort of a caveman view to it.  Yes, some victims may choose to carry that baby to term, but they make that choice on their own.  Just like others should be allowed to make a choice to not carry that child to term.  The commenter I referenced above asked me why the baby should also be a victim of the rape by being aborted, and my response is to ask why the victim should be forced to be reminded, in a very physical and tangible way, every day about the attack.  I guess for that commenter, the psychological toll is not enough.

More to the point of this entry.  Should the victim choose to have a child conceived during a rape, 31 states grant the rapist fatherhood rights.  Read that again, just to make sure you read it right.  31 states protect the rights of the rapist when it comes to being a parent to a child conceived during their attack.  Todd Akin, of “legitimate rape” fame, and Paul Ryan, running for Vice President, co-sponsored a bill, HR-3, which will establish that, in the event of a rape causing a pregnancy, there really was never a rape because a pregnancy occurred.  The bill would also nullify the laws of the 19 states that do not allow the rapist to have rights as a father.

In what world does it make sense to allow fatherhood rights to a rapist?  That is one of the more ridiculous things that I have heard in quite some time.  Imagine a wife is raped, and she is forced to carry the baby to term, and she has the child.  Her attacker, if they are in one of the 31 states who allow it, has visitation and parental rights to that child.  Which means he can ask/insist to join his victim and her family for Thanksgiving dinner.  Sounds like a blast; two guys sitting on the couch watching the Lions game, talking about their kids, except one of them is a rapist and the other is married to the victim.  Even if that exact scenario does not play out, does anybody really think that the rapist, with his parental rights, is going to pay child support?

I know that, by writing this today, I have invited more criticism of my position on abortion and a woman’s right to choose.  That is fine.  I know that there are some people who will happily call me a “baby murderer” if they are brave enough to leave a comment on here.  That is fine, too.  I accept the hate you spew toward me because of my view, all while I am accepting of your view, even if I disagree.  If you are that person, or know that person, I sincerely hope that your wife or daughter is never faced with being the victim of a sexual assault, and that if they were, you would allow them the dignity of making the choice they feel is most appropriate for them and their health.  And I hope that maybe, just maybe, 31 states will wake up and not allow a rapist to have any rights at all to any child conceived by their attack.

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